You’re beautiful. And no matter what you are going through, we’re here to help you feel more beautiful, too. Since 2019, The Hopemore has been a place that honors your individual journey with a spa experience just for you.

Whether you’re in treatment for cancer or need a day of pampering, we will make your time enjoyable and luxurious.

Relax, unwind and we’ll take care of the rest.


When The Hopemore Founders Gina Betts and Jeanna Doyle met, they realized a shared love for the beauty industry. 

One afternoon over coffee, the two friends were discussing ways to combine their experience and create a business that would offer people in treatment more hope.

What they came up with was The Hopemore, a specialty spa that puts the care back in skincare. The Hopemore offers customized services for people who are in treatment for cancer or who have experienced illness, injury or elective procedures.

The Hopemore provides exemplary spa experiences during any season of life.

Jeanna Doyle

Jeanna Doyle



Jeanna Doyle is a licensed cosmetologist and Medical Aesthetic Provider with training in oncology esthetics and corrective makeup. Her innovative work in corrective makeup has been the subject of two scientific studies, both at UTSW; one in plastic surgery and one in oncology esthetics, which was presented as a best new practice at the AOSW (Association of Oncology Social Workers) National Conference in 2015.

Jeanna has worked in both medical and media settings. Her work in the medical community has taken her from private practices to hospitals, cancer centers and children’s hospitals working directly with plastic and reconstructive surgeons, dermatologists, oncologists, psychologists and social workers. In media settings, Jeanna has worked on print, television and film projects with A-list actors, athletes, models, musicians, politicians and even a former President and First Lady of the United States.

After assisting a friend who was diagnosed with cancer, Jeanna founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Suite HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically). She is also the developer of a corrective makeup curriculum, The HOPE Method, designed to teach other aesthetic professionals corrective makeup. Additionally, Jeanna is the author of Wig ED, the first beauty book on wig selection. Jeanna also is the founding vice president of the first, national organization for oncology trained estheticians, SPOT-ON.

Recently, Jeanna was a contributing author to The Fundamentals of Esthetics textbook by Milady and Cengage Publishing, 2019, where she provided updates and rewrites for the makeup chapter.

Jeanna writes articles and provides keynote speeches for both medical and beauty industry giants like: MD Anderson, the Cancer Knowledge Network, The Cancer Support Community and the Mary Kay Foundation.

Kris Astroff

Kris Astroff

Director of skincare


Kris Astroff has a bachelor’s degree in biology from St. Olaf College and is currently pursuing a biotechnology management certificate from Harvard University. As a licensed esthetician, she is trained in oncology esthetics, as well as corrective and airbrush makeup techniques.

Kris is an educator for Oncology Spa Solutions, the country’s top oncology training program for estheticians. Additionally, Kris works on Circadia’s national team as an educational ambassador. Recently, Kris was awarded the honor of best new esthetician in an international competition.

Kris also writes and develops oncology skincare curriculums for medical industry giants like MD Anderson and UT Southwestern’s Simmons Cancer Center. Kris did an eight-week study on the impact of oncology esthetics on tissue being radiated. Kris designed the protocol with approval of the patient’s radiation oncologist. As a result of this work Kris won an international competition as the best new esthetician.

Her background and training in both the beauty and biology fields give her a deeper understanding of how products, ingredients and treatments interact. This understanding enables her to provide safe, effective treatment options for a wide variety of clients’ skin care and makeup needs.



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Tues-Fri | 10 am-6 pm
Sat | 10 am-3 pm

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