We customize every aspect of your treatment.

And if you’re shopping for someone special, a gift card from The Hopemore is a perfect fit for everyone. Plus, you can always donate any portion of your purchase to give oncology spa services to a person in treatment for cancer.


Oncology Esthetics

The Hopemore founder Jeanna Doyle developed a corrective makeup technique designed to improve an oncology patient’s self-image. The results? An oncology esthetician consult was found to increase a “sense of reassurance, confidence and self-esteem” of someone undergoing cancer treatment.

Nasal Contouring

Jeanna Doyle designed makeup for a study on the use of corrective makeup in rhinoplasty surgery.


Oncology Esthetics on Radiation

Hopemore esthetician Kris Astroff designed a protective and restorative skincare protocol for a patient undergoing radiation treatment. The patient in this case study had radiation induced dermatitis, which cleared after just eight weeks of using Kris’s skincare protocol.


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The perfect gift to support someone in treatment for cancer: a gift card from The Hopemore. This gift card can be given to someone you know or to someone you don’t.

You can either buy a gift card or give a dollar amount for someone in treatment. Just tell us at checkout you want to pay it forward.

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