To wig or not to wig.

Why consider a wig?  While wigs can offer privacy, convenience or transformation; the decision to wear a wig, or not, is a personal one.  This series is designed to give you the information you need to make a choice based on facts, not fear. Having good information can lead to confidence in whatever choice you make.


 Privacy and other purchase perks   

For many, privacy while going through treatment is a chief concern. Privacy can look like different things to different people. For one, a wig can allow some time to process things before sharing the news of your diagnosis. Many women opt for a wig because they have young children or grandchildren and do not want to alarm them about the changes in their appearance. Many women have told me that they want people to see them…not the cancer (The loss of hair being an outward symbol of a private health issue).  Privacy in the work place is another thing a wig can offer.  And let’s not over-look the value in wearing a wig for ourselves! A well-chosen wig can help you feel more like yourself enabling you to resume your daily activities with confidence.


Looks don’t matter. It is how one feels about how one looks that matters.

– Jeanna Doyle

Providing Peace of Mind

Remember, buying a wig is not a commitment to wearing a wig. The wig may offer you peace of mind and never leave your bathroom shelf. In the course of your chemo treatment and time without hair there may be an event that a wig may offer just the right support. Case in point, a woman I worked with whose granddaughter was getting married did not want to be photographed in a scarf. She wanted to look like herself and enjoy this occasion without attention to her treatment. She got a beautiful wig, and was able to get ready faster than anyone in the wedding party while reserving her energy for the event. The photographs capture the memorable imagery of the night; dancing with her son, the father of the bride, and of her with the beautiful bride, her granddaughter. No one will remember she was wearing a wig. She later wore the wig to church and on other occasions all because she had bought it for this one special day.


If a wig can assist you in any of these areas, then I say it’s a good time to try one on for size. Ahead in this series we will explore the different types of wigs and offer advice on shopping, care, insurance and more.


Want some additional support? Schedule a consult at The Hopemore today or purchase a copy of Wig ED What to look for when looking for a wig. Available on Amazon or The Hopemore. Stay tuned we have much more free information to cover in this series.



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