This series has been designed to help inform you about all things wigs. In part one we discussed the privacy wigs can offer. In this edition we will help you answer the question human or synthetic.


Human or Synthetic?

Price Check

One of the biggest myths about wigs is that you need to purchase an expensive human hair wig or it will look like, well, like you are wearing a wig. I can tell you first hand: That is not true. I have shopped with many women on all kinds of budgets and have always found great options at all price ranges.

For example, after successfully shopping for a wig with one woman, she told me people did not believe her when she would tell them she was wearing a wig. She said, “My own mother did not know I was wearing a wig!” Now you may think she must have spent hundreds of dollars to find such a wig. But, I can tell you her wig was synthetic, cost under fifty dollars and came with a trim that helped frame her face perfectly.


Material girl

The materials used to create wigs are typically human, synthetic or a blend (made up of a combination of both human hair and synthetic fibers).

Human hair wigs have many of the limitations and benefits of natural hair. They will lose their shape after they get wet from rain, humidity or washing. They require more of a commitment from additional care and higher cost. But, the human hair wig provides more options. They can be colored and you can use curling irons and blow dryers. Seek a professional wig stylist for color or cutting services.

The human hair wig, if cared for properly, can last up to 12 months. Many women opt not to wear a wig at all after they have enough coverage from the regrowth of their own hair. Hair can regrow enough to go without a wig or head covering within 6 to 8 months after chemo, so weigh that against the cost of a human hair wig.


Price and value are different. Price refers to the cost. Value refers to peace of mind, which is priceless.

– Jeanna Doyle

Synthetic wigs are a great worry free option for many women in treatment. They come in a variety of colors and styles that would take time and money to achieve in a salon, but are yours for the wearing in a wig. A synthetic wig is a wash and go option, the style is locked in and will not lose its shape when it gets wet. After you wash it, the wig will resume its style. The color is also fixed and cannot be changed. Be careful not to use curling irons or high heat settings from blow dryers on synthetic wigs as they may singe or damage the wig. Some synthetic wigs are labeled ‘heat friendly’ and can take low settings on curling irons, but test an area on the underside of the wig first. A synthetic wig typically lasts, depending on care and factors like daily wear, from three to six months. As with a human hair wig, seek a professional stylist for cutting services.

Blends can offer the ease of maintenance of a synthetic wig with the added luxury and styling flexibility that comes from human hair. Check the care instructions to see if it is a ‘heat friendly’ blended fiber that allows curling irons and blow dryers. Follow the care instructions as the name states, it may also require a blend of care.

Remember, a wig is a tool that can offer you some privacy and peace of mind during treatment. Many women love the time they save getting ready with the convenience of a well-chosen wig. Stay tuned later in this series we will exploring the five key qualities to consider wig construction and more.


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