Five things to consider when considering a wig.

This series has been designed to provide you the information you need to select a wig (or not). Throughout the series you will receive a wig education, ranging from construction and care to shopping tips and insurance coverage.

One thing I am often asked about wigs is, “What do I look for in a wig?” In the first two blogs of this series we covered some reasons to consider wearing a wig and the differences between wigs made of human and synthetic hair. In this article we will cover the five key factors to consider when selecting a wig.



Long hair has been coveted for generations as a very desirable quality. It is natural to want to match your existing hair as closely as possible while in treatment. Here are some reasons why that theory may fall short in a wig. Long wigs tend to tangle more easily. The friction of rubbing against clothing can cause the ends to become worn. The long wig will also be heavier and hotter. The length not only adds to the weight and care of the wig, but also the cost. Try instead one that is shoulder length or one that rest just above the shoulders

Long hair work around-

Still want long hair? I get it! Here are some work arounds to keep your long haired wig experience from coming up short. Look for a long wig that has some layers to keep the tangling at a minimum. This will also reduce the weight of the wig. Look for a wig with a point cut (where the ends are cut at an angle) rather than a blunt cut (where the ends are cut straight across). A sales clerk or phone agent can direct you to a wig with this feature. This will help the wig move better across the fabric when it comes in contact with your clothing.



Thick hair is associated with a youthful and healthy appearance. The skinny on a thick wig is it will hold on more heat and contrast with thinning eyebrows and eyelashes. Opt instead for a wig that has wide appeal but less volume. Try a wig that that has some curl or slight wave. This will give you the look of more volume without the added heat and unwanted contrast to thinning eyebrows and lashes.

Thick wig work around-

Is thickness a quality you don’t want to skimp on? Here are some work arounds to help fulfill your desire. Many wigs are made with excess hair to start. Be sure the wig does not overpower you with hair that will be hot and hard to manage. A professional stylist can reduce some of the bulk, giving you a lighter more comfortable look and feel while maintaining the look of volume.


Straight hair has been sought after for centuries and many appliances have been designed to help us curtail our curls. The part and the hairline in a wig are two areas you want to keep slightly obstructed to keep believability high. With Straight hair you can readily see both. Again, here is where a slight wave can help detract from the part and hair line, giving some much needed variation to the uniformity of a straight wig.

Straight work around-

You still want silky smooth hair? Here is the straight talk on straight hair. Try a wig that has some layering around the face and crown, with some bangs to break up the look from root to tip. This will help conceal the part and hairline to keep the believability high.



Shine in hair, skin and nails is a most desirable quality. However, high shine is often times the number one tell-tale sign that you are wearing a wig. Natural hair shines, but not from root to tip. Choosing a wig with a matte or natural finish is a great way to allow you to be the one that shines.

Shine work around-

The thought of less shine giving you the doldrums? You can still have a wig that sparkles, just make sure you vary the intensity. Adding some dry shampoo to select areas will help lessen the intensity of a solidly shiny wig.


Solid color-

Solid color hair, whether it is ravishing red, bold brunette or beautiful blonde, can be a dramatic attention getter. However, in a wig this may not be the attention you seek. Solid colored wigs lack the natural variations that occur in our own solid colored hair. The key in a wig is to have dimension and some depth through color variations, which is a great way to add believability to a wig. Look for a wig with rooted colors at the base (like your own color when it’s growing out). Or, try a color with varying shades through-out the wig, like darker underneath from ear to ear and lighter and brighter around the face.

Solid color work around-

Still desiring the striking look of solid color hair? You can have all one color hair. Opt for a wig with some highlights and low lights in the same color family, with tones a little softer or stronger throughout. This will add dimension and realism to the wig.


Let your loved ones be your mirror. It is a truer reflection of your actual beauty.

– Jeanna Doyle

These are tips to keep you feeling great about how you look and how the wig will feel. Remember, the wig is a temporary tool until your own hair grows back. The key is to find one that makes you feel more comfortable and confident. The choice is yours. Next up in this series, we will be exploring how to choose the best color for you at this time while keeping in mind any changes you may be going through.


Want some additional support? Schedule a consult at The Hopemore today or purchase a copy of Wig ED What to look for when looking for a wig. Available on Amazon or The Hopemore. Stay tuned we have much more free information to cover in this series.




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