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Welcome to the World Series of wigs! Designed to ease the process of selecting, wearing and caring for your first wig. So far we have covered a lot of bases, like construction, materials, insurance, color and more. Now let’s explore some shopping tips so your experience is a home run.


Small Help for Bigger Experience

As with most shopping experiences, it can be great to take a friend. A friend can help be an extra set of eyes while looking at options, and may also try on wigs with you! But even before you set foot in the wig store, your friend can already have a big role to play.


This is a time where there are many people lined up and ready to support you. Here a list of questions a friend can find out before you shop that will help ensure a grand slam shopping experience.


Phone ahead

Call ahead and ask these questions to find out if the store is friendly to those shopping for medical necessity:

  • Do you have a private room?
  • Do you have natural light? (at least somewhere in the store for color selection)
  • Do you offer a discount for medical necessity?
  • Do you allow pictures? (This is very helpful for side by side comparisons)
  • Can you try on as many wigs as you like? (some stores limit the number of wigs you can try on. I try to avoid stores with this policy as it is difficult to shop with a limit)
  • Do you have an onsite wig stylist? (This can help customize a bang or reduce some bulk. Over the length of the purchase this stylist can help you with repairs and all sorts of things wig related)


With the answers above you can easily determine the best place to start your shopping adventure. Not every store will answer yes, but these are great guideline questions to feel good about where you spend your time and money.


Ready Set Shop!


Color me crazy

When looking for and trying on wigs choose a flattering color first. The experience of trying on a wig in a harsh or unflattering color (no matter how cute the style) can be disorienting. Most wig manufacturers make each style in a variety of colors. Zero in on a couple of colors first, then look at styles. Keep in mind there may be days you want to wear the wig and little or no makeup. Also factor in any changes that might take place to your skin during treatment. This will help ensure a more flattering color.


Get the big picture

Besides asking ahead of time for permission to take a (little) picture, make sure you take the time to see your whole self in the wig. This is another reason it’s nice to have a shopping companion to take a snap of you in the contenders. Get up and walk away from the mirror you are sitting in front of and move toward a full length (big) mirror in another part of the store. This will help you see the look as a whole.


No peeking

Close your eyes once the wig is on. This will help you to see with your other senses. Is the wig too tight or too loose? Is it poking or itching anywhere? Just give yourself a couple beats with your eyes closed to answer these questions.


Now you can Peek!

If you wear eyeglasses be sure and try them on and take them off with the wig on to see what the wig does. I want you to feel comfortable and confident in your wig purchase and wig wearing. Not in need of glasses? I bet you wear sunglasses. Take a pair out of the car and try this same exercise with your favorite sunglasses.


Easy on easy off

Be sure and have the sales clerk let you (after a few tries) put the wig on and take it off yourself. Now is the time to get comfortable finding the sweet spot. Each wig has tab on either side that can help you determine if the wig is sitting correctly (some wigs have off center parts making it more difficult to determine if you have it on in the indented spot). Also practice matching up the wig with your natural hair line.


Something new is just that. Allow yourself permission to be a novice, this makes learning more enjoyable.

– Jeanna Doyle

Now you can shop with more confidence knowing what to ask, who to take and having some suggestions to help ease your way. Next in the series we will offer some tips on comfort that will have you and your wig feeling great.


Want some additional support? Schedule a consult at The Hopemore today or purchase a copy of Wig ED What to look for when looking for a wig. Available on Amazon or The Hopemore. Stay tuned we have much more free information to cover in this series.




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