Comfort and Confidence

The series that will inform, educate and empower you to choose a wig or not – based on facts not fear. We are well underway; having covered things like is a wig right for you, materials, construction, color, insurance, shopping suggestions and more. Now we will discuss ways to make your wig wearing a more comfortable and confidant one.


When it comes to wigs comfort is key, not just in the feel but also the fit. Here are my top tips for keeping a calm head when wigging out.


Staying put

One of the chief concerns in wearing a wig is if it will give you the slip, or come off all together. For this there are a few great solutions.


Built-in Security

Most wigs have adjusters underneath- some are designed much like bra hooks – to help with a more secure fit.


Supporting Addition

There are several manufacturers that make a wig-gripping head band. This band is adjustable and has fabric designed to help make the wig feel more secure. You can wear this alone or with a stocking cap. (A stocking cap is a nylon cap designed to keep your own hair in place or protect your bare scalp from the under-side of the wig).


An easy solution

Bobby pins can be great for securing wigs. Place a pair of bobby pins on either side of the wig, hiding them just above the ears. Secure the wig by sliding each pin through the wig and wig cap.


NOTE: Wig tape and other adhesives are not recommended for persons receiving chemotherapy, as the skin sensitive at this time and the wearing and daily removal may cause irritation. Instead try a wig gripper designed to help keep your wig in place.


Feeling Pressure?

There maybe a few points around the wig that feel tight or less comfortable. Try enlisting a few pieces of cotton underneath the wig cap. Cotton is soft, flexible and absorbent.


Breeze through this

Want a stylish way to block out the wind? Use a colorful scarf to help keep your wig from getting winded. You can use a scarf alone or with a couple well placed bobby pins to help keep your wig smooth and secure.


A smile is a gift to the giver and receiver

– Jeanna Doyle

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable and confident in your wig wearing journey. Next up, we will offer some scarf tying tips that you can use on days you feel like going wigless.


Want some additional support? Schedule a consult at The Hopemore today or purchase a copy of Wig ED What to look for when looking for a wig. Available on Amazon or The Hopemore. Stay tuned we have much more free information to cover in this series.




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