Welcome back to Wigging Out, the series designed to help you navigate the wide world of wigs. We have covered a lot of ground on everything from insurance, materials, myths and more. Now we will take a look at taking it off. You may have decided a wig is not right for you, or you just want to go wigless for a few days. Either way, make the choice that is right for you. Here are some tips to keep you looking and feeing great with or without wig.


Tying One On

Having some type of head covering can help protect your scalp from things like sun, rain and perspiration.


Cover your bases –

Take a large short sleeve t-shirt and cut the sleeves off at the shoulder. Repeat on the other side.  Now you have two head coverings! There are two seams, the one around the edge and the one the runs underneath the arm. Take the side with the seam around the edge and place the arm opening with the seam side down around your neck. Then, pull it up like a head band. The smooth outer edge should be showing. Make sure to place the seam that runs underneath the arm to the back of the head so it is invisible behind the neck. Adjust the perimeter or edge seam so that it is straight and place it just in front of your hairline with the sides just past your ears. The seam makes a nice clean edge. The back will be open, allowing for ventilation. The cotton will be soft and absorbent.


This same short sleeve can be used at bed time or under a hat or ball cap and makes as a base for scarfs. This is an inexpensive way to help silk or satin scarfs stay put and add a little more color and texture. You may also employ a couple or bobby pins that you can slip on either side of the scarf at the ears through the base for added security.


Beauty is NOT a bad word. Embrace what makes you feel beautiful.

– Jeanna Doyle

More coverage

Next, take the same t-shirt and cut the bottom off from under arm to under arm – approximately just below the bust area. This will leave you with two pieces of fabric: one with the neck hole and two arms holes that you cut off. The other piece is a large continuous loop and was the bottom of the T-shirt.


The piece with the neck opening can be used by itself by placing it over your head with the neck side down, then pull it up as a head band. This adds volume to scarfs so the head has a bit more dimension.


For using the sleeve as a base for the neck opening, place the sleeve around the piece with the neck hole around your head. Pull the sleeve part up first. Then, while holding the sleeve in place, pull the neck opening just past the edge of the sleeve. (The sleeve should make a nice border for the neck opening). Tie your scarf around both, letting some of the border show through. For any extra material you have bring it on top of the head, to the side by the ears or in back. When placing extra material in the back of the head make sure there is not too much fabric so you can be comfortable driving or riding with your head against the head rest. You may also take an elastic hair band and tie up the extra material by the ears on top or back of the head. This will help it stay up and look nice and be secure.


The third piece of fabric, the contiguous loop without neck or arm holes, can be used with the short sleeve as a base and placed around the short sleeve base then twisted to the shape of the number eight and brought back on the front of the head.


Tying it all together

At first you may find it is easier to practice on a head other than your own. You can do this on a doll if you have young children in your life, or Styrofoam mannequin heads can be purchased online, at wigs stores or at Sally Beauty Supplies. These are just few of the basics.


Once you start playing with these techniques there won’t be a safe T-shirt or scarf in your house. Next up, its time for grow back strategies we will help you make a game plan for your hair as it grows back after treatment.


Want some additional support? Schedule a consult at The Hopemore today or purchase a copy of Wig ED What to look for when looking for a wig. Available on Amazon or The Hopemore. Stay tuned we have much more free information to cover in this series.




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